PLC Network Engineering

This is a project I did in college, back in 2010. We were introduced to SFC (Grafcet) and knew some LD and FBD from other courses. However, I did (and still do) find these graphical languages very slow to use (regexes don't work very well on them, you see) and so was dead set on learning to do the project in ST or IL. IL turned out to be too barebones and I was pretty impressed by the learning curve (in retrospect, it was a wise choice not to go there: I wouldn't have finished on time).

Unfortunately, I am unsure that I kept the project design document (though maybe I'll find it one day and update this page) and we were not required to summarize it in reports, so I have forgotten most of the details of this project. At any rate, the gist of it is that there were 4 or 5 PLCs connected to our computer and we were to simulate a sort of rail system with carts on them that would transport aluminium or steel blocks and get them drilled, painted (complete with curing in an oven).

The code can be found here. Below are pictures of SFCs as well as the Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Although it may not be obvious, the interface was actually simulating the whole thing. The little block would move left to right, push the detector and stop. Then the arm would lower and open, pick up the block and go all the way to the oven and drop the block there. Then the fan would turn and perhaps some other animation would indicate the oven running. Then the arm would pick the block back up, and drop it farther than the detector on the conveyor. The conveyor would start rolling again and the block would disappear right as another would enter left. Rince and repeat.

Note: don't bother tweaking your zoom on the pictures. They were terrible in the original report. I have, in all likelihood, lost the original screenshots.